Scientific translation and its peculiarities

Inventions, scientific researches, the implementation of science in modern life – all these things would not be possible (or perhaps with less intensity) without sharing of achievements among scientists, physicians, engineers from different countries. Scientific translation plays a crucial role in technical progress, scientists need to understand each other to advance to new scientific discoveries, […]

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Technically correct translation of manuals

Nowadays, translation of technical manuals for electronic devices, household appliances, construction machinery, industrial equipment, and vehicles is in good demand. Translation of manuals, as an important part of technical translation, requires from the translator not just the knowledge of grammar and vocabulary of the source language, but also good grounding, technical competence and understanding of […]

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Translation of drawings

Several years ago such process as designing differed from others by its laboriousness. Each drawing was made on a special heavyweight paper – Whatman paper, and was copied many times. Nowadays, this complicated process has undergone significant changes and the reason for that was the development of computer technology. The appearance of computer technology gave […]

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